What is clinical research?

Clinical research is the scientifically accepted method for determining whether medications or devices are safe, tolerable, and effective to treat a specific condition. Clinical trials in humans occur only after evaluation of a treatment in the laboratory and in animal studies.

Through clinical trials, doctors find new and better ways to prevent, detect, diagnose, control, treat and cure illnesses. Clinical trials are dependent on the participation of volunteers, who join with scientists, to make advances in medicine possible.

Why should I participate in a clinical trial?

Clinical trials are the hope for the future. Clinical trial participants are Medical Heroes that pave the way for the development of new treatments that may benefit themselves and others. Participating in a clinical trial allows individuals access to promising medications not yet available by prescription and without cost. Clinical trial participation also provides individuals with regular access to an expert team and to detailed assessments and discussion. Trial participation is a rewarding experience as individuals are part of a larger team contributing to scientific knowledge and the development of new medicines which are badly needed.

Medical Heros

Through participating in a study, you are making an important contribution to research that has the potential to be life-changing for many. You will be joining the millions of volunteers who have made new treatments possible in all areas of medicine.

We value our study participants and honour each one with an optional membership in the Medical Heroes support and education program offered by the Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation (CISCRP) Log on to www.CISCRP.org to learn more.