Toronto Memory Program is an upscale 13,000 square ft facility comprised of a memory clinic, movement disorders clinic and general neurology clinic and a clinical trial centre. Other features located on-site include:

  • Patient interview, examination, and testing rooms
  • Patient procedure room for on-site venipuncture, ECG, and lumbar puncture
  • Specimen prep lab equipped with freezers, refrigerators, and centrifuges
  • On-site pharmacy for research drug preparation and storage
  • Continuous temperature monitoring system
  • Dedicated Clean Air Workstation for infusion drug preparation
  • State-of- the-art infusion centre
  • Telemetry capability for multiple patients
  • Atomic synchronized clocks
  • Portable entertainment stations in our Infusion Centre
  • CRA research monitoring rooms
  • Conference and presentation rooms
  • Patient and family bistro


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Toronto Memory Program also offers:

  • Assisted transportation
  • Wheelchair access
  • Free parking on-site
  • Coffee Shop on main floor
  • Hospital Emergency Dept. within 2 km

Memory Clinic

At Toronto Memory Clinic, we assess and treat adults with impairments in memory, communication, and thinking. Our patients include individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, Lewy body dementia, frontotemporal dementia, and vascular dementia, as well as those at increased risk of dementia due to family history or other predisposing factors.

Clinical services such as a consultation and memory testing at Toronto Memory Program are covered by OHIP and require a physician referral.

Our Facility

Movement Disorders Clinic

In our Movement Disorders Clinic, we see patients for assessment and management of Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor and restless leg syndrome.  Patients are seen by a neurologist specializing in the care of these disorders.

Clinical services such as a consultation and follow up care are covered by OHIP and require a physician referral.